Protect Reproductive Rights

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision revealed just how fragile reproductive rights were under Roe v. Wade. Qasim has spent his career fighting for women’s rights, and currently works with nonprofits working to expand reproductive health access nationally. Illinois may have legal protections in place, but an increasing number of Republican controlled states are successfully stripping away reproductive rights. This also disproportionately punishes Black and brown women, who suffer higher maternal mortality rates as well as those too poor to travel to other states for reproductive care. Qasim believes that access to abortion and bodily autonomy is a human right, and he will fight to restore and expand protections for these rights nationally. Specifically, Qasim will:

  • Support the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023, which would immediately overturn abortion bans nationwide.
  • Fight for federal data privacy legislation to prevent Big Tech from sharing private health information with law enforcement who seek to prevent people from crossing state lines to access reproductive healthcare.
  • Sign the Right to Contraception Act to preempt states from banning certain forms of contraception and family planning.

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