Guaranteed Healthcare

No family should go broke because they get sick. Qasim understands that access to affordable health insurance isn’t the same as access to affordable healthcare: no family with health insurance should face bankruptcy because of skyrocketing out-of-pocket expenses that private insurers refuse to cover. 

Right now:

  • Our country is the only developed nation that doesn’t guarantee public healthcare.
  • More than 68,000 Americans die annually waiting for healthcare, and another 500,000 go bankrupt every year.
  • Private insurers are allowed to keep 20% of all premiums for administrative fees and overhead, while our current Medicare system provides equal or better healthcare while operating at just 2-3% overhead.
  • Our Medicare system delivers healthcare to roughly 20% of the country. 
  • Insurance companies come between Americans and their Doctors and deny treatment that isn’t profitable.

We can save residents money, achieve better health outcomes and life expectancy, and reduce infant and maternal mortality by bringing Medicare to everyone who wants to join. Qasim will:

  • Expand Medicare funding to offer enrollment to anyone who wants to join.
  • Prevent medical debt from being reported to credit agencies.
  • Allow medicare to negotiate the cost of care and procedures, not just prescription drugs.
  • Get rid of enrollment periods so that families don’t have to wait to sign up for the coverage they need.
  • Cap the interest rate on medical debt.
  • Fight for 40 hours of paid sick leave nationwide 
  • Make sure that health insurance covers vision, dental, hearing, mental health, and reproductive care.

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