Qasim Rashid’s Q4 Grassroots Surge: $321k Fundraising Haul Challenges Rep. Foster’s Corporate Ties 

NAPERVILLE, IL— Human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid’s campaign for Congress in IL-11 raised over $321,000 in the fourth financial quarter of 2023. The only Democrat in IL-11 to refuse all corporate money, Rashid’s 100% people-funded campaign has now received more than 11,000 donations and enters the final sprint with over $234,000 cash on hand.

“I am grateful for our community’s support last quarter,” said Qasim Rashid. “This district deserves somebody who fights for them in Congress, so I’m leading by example. I grew up in DuPage County–it’s rewarding to see my neighbors embrace our campaign for economic, social, and climate justice.”

Rashid’s campaign is a genuine grassroots movement, with an average contribution of $25 and 96% of all donations being $250 or less. This aligns with the sentiments of 95% of Americans who want to remove corporate money from politics.

Rashid’s opponent, multimillionaire Rep. Bill Foster, received over $123,000 from Corporate PACs and special interests last quarter, including the anti-ceasefire group JStreet, defense contractors Raytheon and General Atomics, and Big Pharma companies Abbvie and Gilead. Foster, whose net worth is over $14 million, has also loaned his campaign more than $1 million to inflate its cash on hand.

Rep. Foster’s campaign is funded by the companies he oversees as a member of the House Financial Services Committee. In the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, he took money from credit bureau TransUnion, the National Association of Realtors, and over a dozen banks and insurance companies. Even as these firms profit billions annually by imposing predatory fees on working families, Rep. Foster accepts their support, despite his constituents’ best interests.

“As a resident of this district, it’s extremely disappointing that Rep. Foster takes money from companies that price gouge my neighbors, perpetuate war, and put us into medical debt,” said the campaign’s Communications Director Sydney Nelson. “At a town hall last July, Rep. Foster said he wouldn’t take corporate money if his opponent agreed to do the same. His embrace of corporate money is yet another example of his broken promises.”

Rashid will continue to reject all corporate campaign money, demonstrating his commitment to creating a future where everyone–not just the wealthy and powerful–is represented in Congress.


About Qasim Rashid

Qasim Rashid is a human rights lawyer, author, and speaker. A resident of Naperville, IL, Rashid is happily married to his wife Ayesha Noor of 16 years. They have three children in Naperville public schools. Rashid has spent his career championing the values of economic and social justice, environmental protection, and accessible healthcare. His campaign is powered by the people and refuses fossil fuel and all other corporate contributions.

For more information or to join the campaign, please visit or follow @QasimRashid across all major social media platforms.