Common Defense and Gen Z for Change Endorse Democratic Candidate Qasim Rashid as a Champion of Justice

NAPERVILLE, IL— The Qasim for Congress campaign proudly announces two endorsements: Common Defense, the country’s largest grassroots progressive veterans’ organization, and Gen Z for Change, a nonprofit collective of Gen-Z activists driving progressive change.

Both organizations champion the three tenets of the Qasim for Congress campaign: economic, social, and climate justice. Common Defense, an ardent voice in the global social justice and peace movements, endorses Qasim for his unwavering commitment to international human rights law, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of all Israeli and Palestinian hostages.

“Qasim Rashid shares our commitment to ending Forever Wars,” said Naveed Shah, a US Army Iraq veteran and Political Director of Common Defense. “We need representatives who have the courage and foresight to speak out against policies that escalate conflict in the Middle East.”

“Common Defense’s advocacy for a ceasefire and the release of all hostages in the Israel-Hamas war is essential for promoting humanitarian values,” said Rashid. “Their commitment to resolving conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy reflects the values of service and sacrifice that define our military community. I am grateful for their endorsement.”

Gen Z for Change is also committed to justice for all. The organization endorses Qasim for his commitment to climate action initiatives, guaranteed universal healthcare, restoring and reproductive rights, and the complete cancellation of student debt, among other policies.

“We’re committed to tackling the urgent issue of climate change through civic engagement,” said Gen Z for Change’s Election Projects Chair, Claire Simon. “That’s why we endorse Qasim Rashid for US Congress in IL-11. Qasim understands the urgency of the climate crisis and supports necessary solutions like ending fracking, reaching carbon neutrality by 2030, and funding community cleanup initiatives in Black, Latino, and Indigenous communities.”

“I am profoundly thankful to Gen-Z for Change for their endorsement, which underscores the vital role of youth leadership in driving progressive change,” said Rashid. “I value their insights and pledge to continue listening to youth activists and community leaders as we work together to create a more just and equitable society.”

Common Defense and Gen Z for Change are the latest organizations to endorse Qasim Rashid’s race for US Congress. Rashid’s earlier endorsements include the Chicago Federation of Musicians and American Postal Workers Union 604/605.