What Voters Need to Know

Voters should see, and especially see on the go, that Bill Foster has taken huge contributions from the worst special interests in America—and then voted against core Democratic principles. For example, after voting for Obamacare in 2008, Bill Foster then took $995,048 from the healthcare sector and voted to weaken Obamacare three times. Bill Foster voted for a climate justice bill in 2009, then took $67,440 from fossil fuel companies, flip-flopped, and voted for more offshore drilling. Today, he calls fracking “environmentally beneficial.” Bill Foster voted for Dodd-Frank bank regulations in 2008, took $1,893,000 from Wall Street, and then voted with Donald Trump to weaken Dodd-Frank and deregulate banks.

Qasim Rashid remains 100% people-funded to demonstrate that he will always and exclusively be accountable to the voters of IL-11, not to special interests, Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Banks.

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Qasim vs. Foster on the Issues

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