More Than Two Dozen Local Leaders and Elected Officials Endorse Qasim Rashid

NAPERVILLE, IL— Human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid’s bid for the Democratic nomination for US Congress in Illinois’ 11th District continues to expand its coalition of support. Today, more than two dozen local leaders and elected officials proudly announce their endorsement of his candidacy. These endorsements highlight Rashid’s people-focused platform of economic, social, and climate justice. 

Rashid’s endorsers are esteemed individuals ranging from State Senators to County Board Members and local activists who recognize that Illinois’ 11th District needs new future-oriented leadership. Their support underscores Rashid’s commitment to working people and implementing people-first policies.

The list of Qasim Rashid’s endorsers for US Congress in Illinois District 11 includes:

  • Rachel Ventura, State Senator
  • Reem Townsend, DuPage Township Trustee
  • Destinee Ortiz, Will County Board Member
  • Michael Crowner, Wheatland Township Supervisor, Vice Chair Wheatland Township Democrats
  • Chris Lowe, Former Batavia City Councilor
  • Amber Jirsa, North Suburbs Regional Teacher of the Year
  • Students for Responsible Government
  • John Laesh, Aurora Alderman At Large
  • Ellen May, Naperville PC
  • Norman Brown, Former Dupage Township Democrats Chair
  • Jodi Trendler, Naperville PC
  • Dianna Torres Hawken, Community Activist
  • Rebecca Malotke-Meslin, Community Activist
  • Meena Banasiak, Community Activist
  • Holly Hootman, Naperville PC
  • Maryanne Vasquez, Former Lisle Township Youth Chair
  • Sue Broxham, Community Activist
  • Heidi DeMarco, Western Kane County Democrats Chair
  • Jody Kanikula, Kane County PC
  • Martin Beirne, Kane County Activist
  • Theresa Meshes, McHenry County Board (County Board Seat 1)
  • Amanda Garcia, Community Activist and Attorney
  • Amanda Garcia, Community Activist and Attorney
  • Mary Shesgreen, Climate Activist
  • Nancy Glissman, Founding Member of Huntley Area Democrats, Sun City Resident
  • Anna Giffords, Community Activist
  • Sandi Schmidt, Aurora Township Democrats Co-Secretary
  • Nick Thompson, Community Activist
  • Maggie Wunderly, Former Naperville Township Democrats Chair
  • Cathy Christensen, Woodstock PC
  • John Darger, Crystal Lake PC
  • Signe Gleeson, Lisle Township PC

These endorsements reflect the 11th District’s widespread confidence in Rashid’s ability to advocate for his community in Washington. Together, they stand united in their belief that Rashid will fight for all Americans, regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, or religion, in Congress.

Quotes by endorsers:

“Qasim Rashid embodies the transformative change Illinois’s 11th District urgently needs. His commitment to equity, justice, and amplifying the voices of working people and unions represents a new generation of leadership that is determined to address our community’s, and our country’s, most pressing challenges.” – Illinois District 43 Senator Rachel Ventura

“I am proud to endorse Qasim Rashid for Congress in IL-11. His commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering a sense of belonging resonates with my own dedication to empowering students and promoting inclusivity in our schools. As the child of teachers, Qasim understands and respects the vital role educators play in shaping the future.” – Amber Jirsa, 2023 North Suburbs Regional Teacher of the Year

“Having championed inclusivity and educational equity throughout my career, I am proud to endorse Qasim Rashid for Congress in IL-11. Qasim’s dedication to justice and community empowerment aligns with the values I’ve worked to uphold, and I am confident he will strongly advocate for all constituents.” – Chris Lowe, Former Batavia City Councilor and Batavia Unit District 101 School Board Member

“As a McHenry County board member deeply invested in our community’s well-being, I enthusiastically endorse Qasim Rashid for US Congress in IL-11 for his commitment to healthcare access, environmental protection, and small businesses.” – Theresa Meshes, McHenry County Board Member

“A vote for Bill Foster is a vote for the billionaire class and broken government. A vote for Qasim Rashid is a vote for working people, a vote for clean government, a vote for climate science, and a vote to end the genocide in Gaza.” – John Laesch, Aurora Alderman At Large

“I am a high school senior, and Qasim Rashid will be the first candidate I ever vote for. So many people my age feel disenfranchised by politics. This is because we don’t see our representatives act on important issues such as climate and cost of living. Qasim is different. In talking about Qasim with friends and neighbors, it’s clear there is unmatched enthusiasm and optimism for him. Qasim has the drive and lived experience to best represent our interests. But above all, Qasim cares. He cares that every human being has their needs met and can be the best version of themselves. Now more than ever, we need caring, driven, honest people in government. I look forward to very soon casting my first vote and bringing in new energy to represent our evolving community.” – Martin Beirne, Kane County Activist