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Poem about the Khalifa of Islam – My Blessed Guest

His Holiness, the Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, represents the most powerful proof on Earth that Islam is a living religion, full of compassion, peace, and harmony.

Below is a poem I wrote in 2008, describing my elation when His Holiness graciously accepted our wedding invitation in London. With his arrival in 2012 in my home country—America—and therefore essentially in my home, I am again filled with that same excitement and wonder. I hope you enjoy my poem, entitled, My Blessed Guest.

My Blessed Guest
by Qasim Rashid
20 March, 2008
His thunder it blunders,

all the satans assunder

while I sit and I marvel at this Spiritual Wonder

Past the point in prayers where I felt his commotion

Through the black holes indeed I felt his cosmic explosion

Of white light pure sight I just might get it right

Could I?

Be so blessed as to have him say yes?

To my ever so humble request and unless

I’m dreaming or sleeping or simply ain’t keeping

It raw

much less real

but I know what I feel

That it’s true,

My Wonder said I do

Accept the invitation, to your spiritual culmination

Galaxies collide and stars explode

Planets divide and mountains implode

While a humble creation has his humble Waleema

Gets a glimpse into heaven with his blessed Khalifa

My elation, infatuation, downright saturation

of Allah’s Mercy upon me

Cannot be described to thee,

At least not in mere words,

It’s like the white feathered birds

A dream, conceived in a state of unimaginability

A moment in time of spiritual incredibility

When the critics would mock and the haters threw rocks

of ridicule and laughter,

to capture,

my spiritual dream,

That is what they were after

But I, I was after Allah

So to protect my dream I followed the path of the Prophet (sa)

That Pricless Prophet (sa) and his patient prayer for peace

From the east, like the Sun, comes my Spiritual Wonder

And just like with thunder I sat in a blunder

God’s lightening

So beautiful yet dare I say frightening?

Wrapped in a body with a soul of perfection

And Aint No detection,

of flaw fear or fitna,

Since his conception

my Wonder’s been engrossed in all Allah’s reflection

With the courage of a tiger, I looked into the Lion’s eye

And I saw a holy victory, one No One could deny,

Of the Sun and the Moon

He was sheerly consumed!

And I, by his presence, could finally assume

Heaven was at hand

While Galaxies collided and stars exploded

Planets divided and mountains imploded

And a humble creation had his humble Waleema

Got a glimpse into heaven with his blessed Khalifa

My hands,

Uncontrollably shaking, my nerves were invading

My soul so elating, and savouring,

this spiritual force called Masroor

My Wonder, full of Al Noor

The spiritually pure,

For this world he Is the cure

Before his arrival, my life was a fallacy,

a compromised mallady

the casualty,

my soul yes my reasons, were all but mere treason

To the need of Allah’s unity,

I hadn’t any answers to break satans mutiny

In certainty, this Wonder

his pertainancy,

like Ayatul Kursee

Is the answer to this era’s salvation,

without my Wonder’s prayers

we accept desecration

My past life a dillusion, I arrive at a simple conclusion

his infusion

Isn’t just some childish illusion,

But it’s the path to our Lord,

With Allah Himself as our award

While Galaxies collided and stars exploded

Planets divided and mountains imploded

And a humble creation had his humble Waleema

Got a glimpse into heaven with his blessed Khalifa

When the universe ceases and all will have passed

When life’s said and done only Allah will last

When the scroll’s will be written with all who attest

On March 3rd my Wonder, was My Blessed Guest

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  1. June 13, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    Masha’Allah, a very well thought out poem. Great work! Ahmadiyyat Zindabad!

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