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Convert to Islam you Apostate Infidel

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The below messages were unsolicited, on Facebook, and from a Muslim who considers me an infidel and apostate from Islam. Unfortunately, he shares the mentality of the Government of Pakistan. Religious freedom is deplorable in Pakistan, where Ahmadi Muslims face state sanctioned persecution, as do Christians and Hindus.

On the bright side, another Muslim leader in the D.C. area, Robert Salaam, attempted to talk some sense into the discussion. While he did not succeed, Robert demonstrated true patience, respect, and compassion – just as Islam teaches.

To read the hate mail, click below.

Qasim Rashid

I love Keith Ellison’s  reasons for accepting Islam as he related on Maher’s show. He saw Islam as a faith that champions freedom of conscience and champions social justice. What a beautiful way to capture Islam in a nutshell (30 minutes ago)


Mr. JudgeYourFaith ‎@Qasim Rashid, then maybe you should do the same and also accept Islam (28 minutes ago)


Qasim Rashid ‎@ Mr. JudgeYourFaith – My dear brother, I am a Muslim, as are you. Let us work for peace as brothers rather than divide. (24 minutes ago)


Mr. JudgeYourFaith @ Qasim Rashid, anyone who is a follower of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani the false prophet, the false messiah and the false mahdi is certainly not a Muslim. So those like you who are members of the Ahmadiyya Cult who THRIVE off anti-Islamic press in order to promote Batil/kufr are definately not Muslims. (22 minutes ago)


Qasim Rashid @ Mr.JudgeYourFaith – Allah be our Guide brother. Wasalaam (peace be with you) (19 minutes ago)


Mr. JudgeYourFaith @ Qasim Rashid – Well you need to ask Allah for guidance to open your eyes,ears and heart to show you the falsehood of your cult. Maybe you should take the time out to write articles on the deception of your cult how they train your people to criticize Muslims in the media to promote yourselfs. Like the time you wrote Muslims should not build a Masjid near ground zero but yet you never wrote anything exposing how your cult kicks people out of O.T.T celebrations at a wedding? (16 minutes ago)


Mr. JudgeYourFaith @ Qasim Rashid –  p.s you people are IDENTITY THIEVES (11 minutes ago)


Robert Salaam
As Salaam Alaikum, now we know why we have so many issues within the Ummah. I only ask one question: What do we think the Prophet (saw) would think about two groups of those who call themselves Muslim, practice Islam as Muslims, yet debate …over who is actually the “real” Muslim and who is not? I don’t claim to be a scholar of anything, but I have always believed that it’s up to Allah (swt) to decide whether or not when one says “la illaha illallah, muhammdan rasullulah”(There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger) they actually mean it or not. We have greater problems in the world today than fighting over what only Allah (swt) can know for certain. At the end of the day, while we are fighting over this, don’t think for one minute that our open enemy cares about what leader, fiqh, sect, etc. we claim as our own. All they see is Muslim and attack as such. Ironic when you think about it that, they see us more unified than we actually are. (6 minutes ago)


Mr. JudgeYourFaith ‎@Robert Salaam, Qadianis*/Mirzaiz (so called Ahmadis) are the enemies of Islam. They believe in a false prophet by the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The open enemies of Islam are the protectors and carers of the Qadianis such as the American/British/Israeli governments so Muslims and Qadianis do not have the same enemies. Qadianis have conspired against Islam for over 120 years, they supported the destruction of the Islamic Caliphate in 1924 and till this day they still conspire against the lands of the Muslims especially Pakistan where they have now 600 former Israeli soldiers ready to attempt to claim independance in Chenab Nagar, Punjab. (emphasis my own). Muslims are living in the time of deception, there is no greater fitnah than the Qadiani Fitnah! (2 minutes ago)


Lesson Learned:

To be sure, the Qur’an is clear that “There is no compulsion in religion.” In fact, Islam champions universal religious freedom. Islam affords no person the right to question another person’s relationship with the Creator. Notwithstanding the outlandish claims of Israeli soldiers, etc., how ironic that a comment about Islam’s firm commitment to freedom of religion became the spring board for a verbal attack that ignored the very concept of religious freedom? To find out more about the Islamic concept of religious freedom, click here.

*”Qadiani” is a derogatory term for Ahmadi Muslims, much like the “N” word is for African Americans.

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  1. edin
    September 24, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    Mr. JudgeYourFaith salam. so by your way of thinking we had ahmadis and british people on one side and Allah and other Muslims on another side and you want to say that Allah ans Muslims lost? But we all know that Allah is with Ahmadis, and that British people with the so called Vahabis attack on Hilafat and moved out Ottomans from Mecca and Medina. we know that for reason of establishing of Saudis Kingdom you NON Ahamdi Muslims allowed establishment of state of Israel. at least that is what History claim. salam and may Allah destroy fitna of liars. amin

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