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Re: Muslims for Life 9/11 Remembrance Blood Drive

Blood Spilled at Richmond Law – Fortunately into Blood Bags

By: Qasim Rashid

My Dear Friends:

Congratulations to you for your compassion and love!

On 9/11/01, terrorists not only hijacked our nation, America, but hijacked my faith, Islam. On 9/11/11, Richmond Law School hosted The Muslims for Life 9/11 Remembrance Blood Drive to honor the nearly 3000 innocent souls lost 10 years ago, and to demonstrate what Islam truly stands for – peace and humanity.

And the results were simply beautiful.

You came as students, as professors, and as blue collar workers. You came as men and as women, as mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. You came as Muslims, Jews, Christians, and from many more faith traditions, or from no faith tradition. You were Black, White, Latino and Asian. You were human beings, being humanitarians. You all joined together, over 100 of you, for a singular purpose – to honor the victims of 9/11 by donating blood and saving lives.

You demonstrated by your actions that in this great country, love and compassion will always supersede those who hate. This blood drive united people of different faiths and backgrounds for a common cause – to save lives.

This is what America stands for. This is what Islam stands for.

So congratulations to you my dear friends. Ten years ago, terrorists shed our blood to take life. This year, we united together, and shed our own blood to save life.

Qasim Rashid is a 3L at Richmond Law, and President of the Muslim Law Students Association. Connect with him at Twitter.com/MuslimIQ. Submit comments and letters to the editor at jurispub@richmond.edu.

P.S. If you missed the blood drive and still want to contribute, go to any Virginia Blood Services location and give them the code “5020.” They will count your donation to the 9/11 Remembrance blood drive.

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