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Re: Fort Hood Shootings

Commend the Heroes For Their Bravery

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Every soldier in our military takes a solemn oath to protect our nation against all attacks, foreign and domestic. Nov. 5 will be remembered as a day when, sadly, our military was forced to protect our nation from a domestic attack.

As we mourn the passing of 13 of our departed, we celebrate the soldiers who took action to resolve this crisis to the best of their abilities. In stark contrast to the Oct. 22 attacks in Pakistan where 20 Pakistani soldiers were killed during a 22-hour attack, our military responded swiftly and with precision, ending the attack in less than an hour. While we remember the fallen who lived in constant readiness to sacrifice their lives for our country, let us not forget the heroes who stopped this massacre — they too are to be commended for their bravery.

That the shooter’s intentions have been tied to his faith is disappointing. It would be a dire mistake to believe his motivation had anything to do with the teachings of Islam. Just as Timothy McVeighhad nothing to do with Christianity, so does Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan have nothing to do with Islam. Rather than pointing the finger at any religion for the actions of a disturbed individual, I prefer to take a moment and sincerely thank those heroes of Fort Hood who readily put their lives in harm’s way so that I and my children can remain in safety.

Qasim Rashid.

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